Question, explore and create new ways of understanding the world

Umbela is an organization that aims to foster transformations towards sustainability, through innovative processes that generate spaces of collaboration to articulate the diversity of knowledges, cultures, approaches and wisdom that contribute to develop and increase conditions of well-being, justice, and equity in social-environmetal systems.


Leverage sustainability science to foster transformation processes towards just, inclusive and equitable trajectories in society and the environment.


Promote transformations towards sustainability in socio-environmental systems through strengthening capacities, articulating the diversity of knowledges, facilitating participatory spaces and processes of collaboration, and implementing innovative solutions.

Our primary objective is to question, explore, and create new ways of understanding the world to seek solutions to social-environmental problems that currently jeopardize the sustainability of our planet. We beleive that there is collective will to make change possible, and that is why we want to contribute to supporting such change by seeking new meanings and understandings, deconstructing and rebuilding through our projects with the following particular objectives:

Umbela's work is inspired and guided by four core values:

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